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We’re back again with another instalment of the Classic Home Care Services blog series. The topic today is understanding the difference between the role of a 24-hour care worker and a live-in-care worker, and how each looks to protect and safeguard the vulnerable whom we care for in Ewell and surrounding areas. If you’re more interested in discussing the home care solutions we can tailor to your needs, or the needs of a loved one, call our friendly carers on 0208 393 7117.


24-hour Care Workers & Live-in-Care Workers – The Key Differences Explained


24- Hour Carers – Here, two or more care workers trade shifts to ensure someone is always at hand to attend to you or your loved one as and when required; it could be in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning that you require assistance – and this option accounts for that. They do not sleep in your home, but rotate out and sleep at their own. This means 24-hour care workers are usually positioned close by your premises in Ewell, or an easy/quick commutable distance from Ewell.


This option is ideal if you’re unable to predict when care might be required, and/or you lack the space or circumstances to sleep a carer in your property. If you need assistance preparing a meal, taking medication, going to the bathroom, getting changed or whatever else it is you require – a 24-hour carer will be there, ready to help, even in the dead of night.


Live-in-Care Worker – A live-in-care worker does exactly what their job title implies: they live with vulnerable clients and ensure they are well looked after at all times They typically have a set daily schedule which ensures their client maintains the routine they are accustomed to, despite a decline in physical or mental faculties. It might involve helping getting changed, washing, eating, and getting to doctor’s appointments.


While it may be unlikely that the carer is required at night, the fact they are close-by and can spring out of bed to help provides peace of mind to many in the Ewell area for whom we provide a trained live-in-care worker.

Both 24-hour and live-in-care workers are ideal for Ewell residents who might suffer from dementia and are prone to wandering or periods of confusion they need to be guided through. Other reasons to consider these types of care include if you require:


  • Assistance bathing, dressing and transferring due to physical or mental health conditions
  • Assistance with meal preparation and eating i
  • Pets being looked after
  • Risk prevention surrounding falls and other accidents
  • Assistance taking medication and attending medical appointments
  • Companionship due to loneliness or isolation


The key things to consider when choosing between the two, are:


a) Do I have the space to sleep a care worker at my property?

b) How likely am I to need assistance late at night? As two workers operate in a shift pattern, 24-hour care may be a better option if you regularly experience trouble in the twilight hours.

To discuss how a live-in-care worker could help you or a loved one deal with the challenges of the day, call Ewell’s Classic Home Care Services on 0208 393 7117.