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Welcome to the latest installation of the Classic Home Care Services blog. Here, we’ve looked at a few of the most telling signs that a loved one could benefit from professional home care. If you’ve noticed any of these red flags, or have concerns not explored here, we urge you to give our team a call on 0208 393 7117. We provide a full range of home care services to clients in Epsom and the wider Surrey area.


Signs Your Loved One Might Require Home Care


Clutter & Mess – If a loved one was previously somewhat tidy and clean, but their home has recently become cluttered and dirty, it’s a fairly good indication that they’re starting to struggle with the maintenance side of things. Home care from Classic Home Care Services can ensure Epsom residents maintain their property, preventing rubbish, recycling, dirty dishes and similar issues from overwhelming them.


Poor Hygiene – It can happen quite gradually, but a decline in personal hygiene often indicates that a person is struggling either with the physical strain of their daily routine, or due to memory issues and forgetting. Body odour and unwashed or stained clothing are both red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. Our home care specialists, covering Epsom and its surrounds, can help clients keep on top of hygiene which contributes to keeping them safe and in a good mental state.


Sudden Shift in Weight – Does a loved one look far skinnier or heavier than in recent memory? It could be that they’re finding it difficult to prepare food for themselves, or the opposite – and due to declining mental health are eating large quantities of unhealthy food. Home care can help Epsom residents by ensuring they get regular, nutritious and appealing meals.


Confusion & Memory Issues – Often confusion and forgetfulness are signs of a medical issue, such as dementia; but this isn’t always the case, and as we get older, many of us will simply find it difficult to remember things. In either case, these issues can begin to impact our ability to stay independent. For example, you might forget to take your medication, or to cook dinner, or make an important phone call. Our professionals working in the Epsom home care industry can help you keep on top of both minor everyday tasks, and more major undertakings (such as attending doctors appointments and managing medication), and ultimately, help you maintain your independence.


Loneliness – While feeling lonely from time to time is simply part of life for the vast majority, an extended period of loneliness can have a huge, negative impact on mental health and lead to sustained depression. Many older adults in the Epsom area feel socially isolated and like they have no one to speak to. Regular visits from home care professionals can provide invaluable contact time and counteract this feeling of isolation, especially when said care helps you get out the house.


Mobility Issues or Falls – If a loved one has bruises or cuts from falls, or is simply struggling to get in and out of bed, to dress, to use the toilet and other essential daily tasks – home care may be required. Sometimes the mind is uninhibited, but physical issues with bones, muscles and health conditions stand in the way.

To discuss the home care options we make available to residents of Epsom and its surrounds, call the friendly team at Classic Home Care Services on 0208 393 7117.