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We’re back with another Classic Home Care Services blog post, this time on how Ashtead residents with a dementia diagnosed loved one can take steps to better accommodate their situation. As home care experts covering this area, we have many persons in our care suffering from this degenerative disease; we hope that should you ever require professional assistance in caring for them, you’ll consider our team and call us on 0208 393 7117.


Dementia Care: A Guide


If you’ve recently learned a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia: we’re very sorry to hear this; but know that it’s a very common disease and there are many resources that will help you and the person diagnosed to lessen its impact. It’s key to first understand at what stage the dementia is. Mild cases can cause memory loss, difficulty with arithmetic and numbers, an inability to plan and organize, and trouble finding things that were once familiar.


As the condition moves to the moderate state, sufferers in Ashtead can find their memory loss increases, they often feel confused, following instructions and getting dressed becomes difficult, they feel restless and are prone to wandering, and they suffer from occasional verbal or violent outbursts. Many find around this stage, that professional home care is a great benefit.


In late stage cases, dementia patients often require round-the-clock care, as movement, eating and even sitting up becomes a challenge. There can be sudden changes to the afflicted’s personality, which can prove distressing for those around them. In most cases, professional home care or medical assistance will be required to ensure your loved one is as comfortable and at ease as possible. But to get back to the key focus of this post, what can our Ashtead clients do upon learning of a diagnosis?


Make a Safe Home – Those with moderate and above cases of dementia can be at a much increased risk of falls and accidents. Creating a home without trip hazards can reduce the chance of this happening, and strategically positioned soft floor coverings can mean that if a fall does occur, injury is minimised. Also consider gas/electrical appliances and whether they’re at risk of being turned on or left on. accidentally  Our home care team are happy to recommend certain adjustments or gadgets to help in this area.


Put Some Time into Research – Caring for a person with dementia is a challenge; we’d urge anyone in Ashtead embarking on this journey to spend some preliminary time researching. There are many online resources with great advice that will inform you of what to expect, and ensure you’re prepared. Our home care professionals are also happy to provide advice and answer questions from Ashtead clients.


Ensure You Can Cope – While the focus should obviously be on the loved one who requires home care, do not neglect your own personal physical and mental well-being. Caring is hard work, and that’s why there are professionals like our own in Ashtead who are often enlisted to assist. Take some me-time as and when required, to ensure you don’t get burned out or develop issues associated with burn out.


Talk About Things Openly – In this day and age, dementia shouldn’t be taboo. It’s better understood now than in any point of history, and amazing research is being done. Speaking with friends and family about how to help the person in your life suffering from it, and about its impact on you and others close to them, is an important part of ensuring quality home care can be delivered without it taking a heavy toll; don’t bottle things up – get them out!


Bring in Outside Help if Required – Many are hesitant to enlist professional home care. Some worry it will reduce the independence of their loved one or make them feel uncomfortable; others are concerned about the cost. But really, home care helps maintain independence by preventing the need to move into a care home. Costs are also typically cheaper than care homes, so these concerns should be considered in this vital context.

Discuss the home care solutions we provide for dementia sufferers in Ashtead by calling the Classic Home Care Services team. You can reach us on 0208 393 7117.